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Thank you for considering Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance (GPREA) for your investment needs.  We are here to assist in a variety of ways and below are answers to our most commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions or needs, please contact us. We are here to be of service!

Why should I spend my investment dollars in real estate?

Real estate can provide the cash flow, long-term capital appreciation, and financial security that the stock market and other types of investments simply cannot deliver.

Why should I invest with GPREA?

GPREA purchases houses at a remarkable price, below market value with higher than average rents.  GPREA focuses on single-family residences in Phoenix with tenants already in place, resulting in a faster return on investment. We do extensive research on every property prior to the purchase. We research the value of the property, the size of the remodel, information on the surrounding area and our investor’s ability to make an amazing return on a minimum investment.

Why should I invest in Phoenix, AZ?

The Phoenix metro area has seen an influx of highly affordable single-family homes, creating an ideal real estate market for investors seeking the right opportunity. In addition, the area has experienced several years of extraordinary growth and is positioned to continue to do so.

Do I have to live in Arizona to invest with GPREA?

Whether you live in-state or out-of-state, GPREA is here to assist you every step of the way.

Are property management services available?

GPREA offers full-service residential property management with competitive leasing and management rates.  Homes are rented and managed with the goal of maximizing the return on investment.  Tenants go through an intense screening process and all homes receive a 150-point inspection prior to move-in, come with a home warranty and are inspected annually.  Rents are received and paid out every month in a timely manner with extremely affordable maintenance.

Is financing available?

GPREA can assist you with any financing needs you may have from cash purchases to conventional financing to hard money.

What kind of rate of return can I expect on my investment with GPREA?

GPREA offers returns (high cap rate) of up to 18% annually.

What type of property does GPREA typically invest in?

GPREA purchases single-family residences in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan with the intent of renting them long-term.

What is the benefit of renting with Section 8?

Working with the City of Phoenix via the Housing Voucher Program, GPREA’s properties come with Section 8-approved renters already in place.  The rent is typically paid either partially or fully by government-subsidized funds, therefore significantly reducing the risk if late payments. There is also typically a waiting list of government-backed renters waiting for a home, creating almost no vacancies.

What is the average price to purchase a home (cash) with GPREA?

$79K - $150K

How long does it take to remodel a home?

The rehab process typically takes 2 to 12 weeks. One of GPREA’s goals is to provide a cost effective remodel to meet Section 8 standards while allowing for the quickest return possible on the investment.  We have developed several techniques to maximize the investment through our years of experience and we understand a quality remodel is important to help ease the burden of on-going maintenance that could occur.

Who are key players with GPREA?

Aaron J. Morris, President & CEO of Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance, delivers quality service and expertise with all real estate transactions and secures investors with the proper investment portfolio. Read Aaron's bio.