Turnkey Rental Investing

GPREA provides investors a hassle-free, customized strategic property investment plan. Homes are purchased as a joint venture alongside the investment partner, remodeled if needed, and then listed for sale with tenants already in place. Streamline your long-term or short-term real estate activities with GPREA, your one-stop property investment solution.

Property Management

GPREA has over 35 years of combined expertise in the real estate industry and as property managers. A partnership with the investor is formed to provide a profitable experience in owning multi-family and single-family properties. GPREA handles everything from tenant screening to collecting rent to maintenance and repairs, resulting in an effortless steady monthly income for the investor.

Wholesale Transactions

GPREA carefully researches, evaluates and purchases potentially profitable homes that are short sale, foreclosure, real estate owned (REO), auction or distressed. Any rehab/remodel work necessary is completed by GPREA-approved contractors in order to prepare the home for sale or lease.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

GPREA works closely with the Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Public Housing Agency (PHA) to provide quality government-subsidized rentals (otherwise known as Section 8 properties) to approved, Section 8 tenants. There are extensive investment opportunities in this market offering a steady, positive monthly cash flow for the investor.

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